Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Rosy Cuckoo Clock
Tomorrow it will be available from Counter @Craft Victoria who will now be stocking Betty Jo clocks.
Rosy Cuckoo Clock
Today I have cottonwool head, sandpaper throat and gluey sinuses. Although they are crafty sounding ailments , nothing pretty is coming from them.......all I feel like is a nice cup of TEA.
Off to boil the kettle.


  1. Poor thing - a change of weather cold no doubt. Put Vicks on the soles of your feet tonight fo a good nights sleep. Hope you feel better soon. Good job getting the clock finished when yo are feeling yucky!

  2. Beautiful!

    Hope you feel better soon! Lemon and ginger tea - should do the trick! I think the viruses are hitting everyone at the moment, me included.

  3. Thanks girls, I LOVE Vicks, and will endeavour to rub it on my soles tonight without going into fits of ticklish laughter.
    I also love Ginger...going to make tea now!

  4. oooh, gorgeous clock!
    hope you are feeling better. vicks, lemon and ginger... don't forget garlic... (and chicken soup may not actually do anything, but it makes you feel warm and good). x


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