Sunday, March 14, 2010


Finally, Melbourne weather stops being confused and gives us a super Autumn Saturday!
I spent most of this beautiful day hanging around the Northside Makers Market, selling Betty Jo goodies on the collective table with Melanie and Leonie, reading my copy of Mixtape (which sold like hotcakes), covering it with raspberry muffin crumbs -my market sustenance from Melbourne Epicure , and chatting to lovely people.
I must say the corsage brooches I have made from Angela's lino have been a hit!

As they are only in limited numbers due to the amount of lino, if you like them you better get in quick!
Available from Etsy.
Also popped down to the Northcote Primary School fete (the first fete of the season!) and picked up a few useful items.
When the first thing you buy is a 70's airline cabin bag, I guess it then allows you to justify buying more stuff to fill it up! Two sets of "Memory Cards" (which I use for swing tags) and a wee pile of Little Golden books.

Hey, I remember I used to have the Mary Poppins one.
Don't you love the feeling of finding a Little Golden book you had as a kid. Every page is so familiar, like a long lost buddy.
I've got a bit of a soft spot for Mary Poppins. It was the first movie I saw as a little girl.
I also had this See, Hear, Read record and knew all the words to Supercalifragilistic! Thanks to everyone for the great feedback re my new blog Find, Make, Do.
Check out the latest post all about recycled Tin. I love old tins...collecting them, putting stuff in them and finding beautiful jewellery made from them.
There will be new posts weekly, and little extras thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Oh, I had that one too.
    We had a little record player and a big stack of those records....sure mum still has it somewhere, must dig it out!
    Ooh, new blog! How did I miss that!
    Looks fab. Congrats!


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