Friday, April 16, 2010

A Quarter past Owl.

Just recently a little bird told me (or should I say owl) , that after a period of not being cool and hip, Owl's have returned. Apparently they are back in. But after seeing owls on everything from kids knickers to cheap and cheerful accessories in the two dollars shops, I suspect they reached saturation point a while ago and will never be as popular.

Even so, I would very much like to acquire these Owl and the Pussy cat Biscuits.I love the limited edition lunch tin, but I can only find the box available here. Discovered here.
I am still making a lot of Owl Clocks, and hopefully they will never be passe.Owls
I noticed top centre owlie (who is available at Craft Victoria) has made a cameo appearance here.
A lot of these guys eyes feature some doily adornment. Doilies are one of my weaknesses, and I have suitcases bulging with thrifted doilies to chop up.
I found some beautiful doily creations today, and you can check them out over at Find,Make, Do.
Nana's handiwork never looked so fancy!



    Not sure if they ship to Aus, but if you ask nicely enough, they might!

  2. Your owl clocks will never be passe!
    I'm still tipping snails to be the next big thing. :-)

  3. Thanks Sally, I might just ask them!
    Hey Madam Chrissy, Snails you say. I fancy snails
    (to make ,not to eat).I made a snail brooch once and it was kinda cute!

  4. Owls will always be cool (though not if you asked them, they are too wise and humble to admit, or even know, how cool they are themselves).

    Me? I want one of these

  5. 'tis totally why my mantra is "if you love something, it's always in style". Love Owls, love Posie

  6. Those are cute and cuddly owls! I like the colors and the prints!

  7. I love your blog! I am off to check out your etsy shop! Thank you so much for joining the giveaway! ~ Maureen

  8. Your article is written very content, All of the projects look great! Keep the Ball Rolling. Thanks!


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