Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seven Things....

Angela from Three Buttons has passed on an award and asked me to list seven things about Liz aka Betty Jo aka moi!.Sorry I can't match Angela's exciting list of things...... So I'll just go for random!
1.My collecting stuff gene skipped a generation. I inherited this trait from my Nana. I now promise myself I will pull back when a new item tempts me to bring it home to join like items I already own. It didn't work yesterday with this cute Dutch clog on the left.2. I have so many mismatched plates in the cupboard that the family is expecting the shelves to collapse any day in a eruption of smashed crockery. This week I have promised to weed the plate collection down .....a little.3. I wish I had studied archeology.I applied to work as a volunteer on a dig in the Rocks once, but I don't think salvaging old shards of broken china in Hyde Park for mosaics was qualification enough.
4.I think I have mentioned this before, but I love being in water. It is the best calming, destressing environment for me. I had my babies in water and I would lounge around in spas and hot sea baths every day if I had the time. After I'd swum some laps of course!

5. When backpacking around Europe in my 20's one of the highlights was staying in a boatel moored in a canal in Amsterdam. I loved being on this stationary small boat, but big ships give me the willies. Even though I like being in water, it has to be pleasantly calm, not a churning swell. Thus, I will not be takin' a cruise on the Love Boat anytime soon. I blame "The Poseidon Adventure" and one too many rough passages on the Spirit of Tasmania.
6.Another one of my backpacking highlights (and believe me I had at least one highlight a day!) was seeing the Windmills in rural Holland. My first reaction was to giggle. (I had earlier had a delicious slice of cake in a very friendly cafe in Amsterdam!?!)

7.This Windmill was meant to be finished for Finkis March Design Challenge, but I've been in La,la land lately due to unforeseen hiccups, so here it is 2 weeks late!

Now I will pass this award on to everybody that comes by to read Lino Forest.
And especially to those who have found my newish blog Find, Make, Do.If you pop over there now you will find out about a brilliant artist who creates breathtaking collages from my favorite recycled material!


  1. Well frankly I found this most interesting and enlightening, complete with gorgeous pics. Poseidon adventure has certainly put me off the big boat thing too but I like the sound of the boatel! And water birth.

    My kids are smashing up my dinnerware at alarming rates ( maybe they are Greek?) so Im always in need o more plateage... As long as it's not too precious!

  2. I love your mismatched plates! I want to have mismatched plates too, once I finally get my own place.

    I wish I'd made it to Amsterdam while I was in Europe, the closest I got was Maastricht, which was neat, but didn't have the canals or anything like that. I couldn't even find space cake! =[

  3. Hi Gina, I'll update you when we are having our garage sale in a fortnight. The weeded out dinnerware will probably end up there!
    Hi eef, mismatched is the way to go! From my experience, the cafe fare found in Amsterdam led to some fun adventures!

  4. I have a clog collection just like yours. hehe. maybe they can get together one day and hang out


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