Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you Like Colour?

There's no prizes for guessing I LOVE colour. All those art lessons at school learning about the colour wheel and primary, secondary , tertiary and comlimentary colours actually made an impact.

There's another colour crazy creative who has made these Wow Factor explosions of colour and they will be on display at this Fringe Festival exhibition "Home is were the Craft Is".The show opens this evening...I'm looking forward to checking out some lovely locally grown craft.
And it just so happens this colour crazy creative has won the $50.00 Betty Jo voucher for entering her portrait in the " A picture paints a thousand words" giveaway.

Congratulations Super Pops!


  1. Ha Ha Yippee! I'm so happy that crazy SuperPops won the prize. I'd wear that dress tonight if the buttons weren't in danger of popping off.
    Thankyou so so so so much. I'm going to have to order a crazy colourful cuckoo clock for my wall. I absolutely love them!

    Word verification: BACKSHED ???

  2. Love the colour & what Pops is doing with her Betty Jo, love Posie

  3. Fabulous colour!!! Love it!! Love that Ms Curlypops won, too.... no better colour-lovin' gal.


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