Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birds in Boxes

Today I finally got organised and picked up my pizza style cardboard boxes to house and deliver my clocks (no garlic bread with these babies though).
So sitting in my studio at the moment I have 175 unfolded cardboard boxes to fill with all those dozens of NEW clock orders that will come flooding I have the packaging sorted!!!
Speaking of packages, today I got a special delivery of the *Funkiest* lino I could ever hope to come across. Quite a few bits too!It was sent to me by the lovely Alisa from Mon Alisa Designs who, apart from making dreamy jewellery, also has a love affair with cute birdies and crafts these sweet "Tweets" from various fabrics, ribbons and vintage bits and bobs.Thanks for thinking of me Alisa.
I made a couple of Betty Jo birdies from the new *Funky* lino to add to my growing collection for Finders Keepers. They are sitting in an old hat box I found in a skip back here filled with ephemera. I think it will go well with my other old hatbox as a display for the market.
On closer inspection I reckon the lino works much better as a big chunk rather than in little bits. The 3D effect is lost if it's chopped up, so I think I'll be saving most of it for clocks.


  1. Totally cool, what a nice find from your pal. Oh i'd love a clock, they are so much fun & the packaging sounds totally cool. Love Posie

  2. I'm so pleased you like it, and that it will be used in your amazing work :) Thankyou so much x

  3. i love the middle one on the left, looks like some showy dude who lives in the rainforest. i'll try and make to finders keepers for a look. anna


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