Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Find Lino, Keep Lino

Finders Keepers inaugural Melbourne Market is just 10 sleeps away!
I think I will be putting in the hard yards to get as ready as I would like to be as the 2 weeks of school holidays have put a spanner in the productive works somewhat. I have had to relocate my work space back into my little verandah, and sneak in when I get the opportunity. Here is peek at some of the Betty Jo goodies that will coming to Finders Keepers.
Sugar Skulls
Temporarily moving back into the verandah has given me a chance to get back to doing one of the things I loved...peeping out the window at the goings on in my street.
Yesterday a skip landed infront of my neighbours recently sold house. The new owner has hired builders to totally rip the guts out of the lovely (albeit run down) place and what was once this: now a pile of rubble.
I was lucky enough to score the kitchen table from here and of course it was imperative that I scampered over in the rain and salvage the kitchen lino before the skip left for the tip.
Making myself at home!!
You can see my boy Pedro relaxing on the lino on one of his daily visits to his once "second home". I know people like to modernise old houses , but it was still sad to see my friends kitchen knocked down in a few hours.
Anyway, I must go and clean up the lino and see if it is suitable for some Clocks.


  1. Love this Kitchen...
    oh dear the thought of it ripped out...So sad...

  2. Luckily you rescued the lino. Makes you think how much waste goes straight to landfill, doesn't it?

  3. that is sad... such a beautiful kitchen... but glad the lino gets to live again!

  4. What a lovely old kitchen! I am glad you saved a little part of it.

    My kitchen is old and I hate that we can't have a dishwasher and the benches are thin but the thought of modernising it makes me feel too sad. I love the boomerang benchtops far too much. (It had a lot to do with the decision to buy the house...)


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