Thursday, February 10, 2011

UnBirthday Sale-ebration!

Miss Owlie Clock is pleased to be celebrating the Very Merry 1st UnBirthday Sale at The Curious Oyster Shoppe on Saturday. I have named her "Valentine" because apparently it's the season to be romantic.
There will be heaps of discounts and 20% of all hand made goodies at Curious Oyster, so pop in and join Annaliese for the "sale-ebration". Can you spy her through the looking glass in the photo?
It will be a perfect opportunity to pick up a gift for your special someone or just buy a gift to give to yourself (as usually there's no use waiting around hoping someone else buys you a crafty present on special!)
I took the bull by the horns and got some of my own gifts last Christmas, like my Kitchen Owl from Focus on Art.

There are plenty of Kitchen Owls like my "Big Night Out" at Curious Oyster. And like my clocks and brooches .......they are all one of a kind AND all need homes!
Speaking of kitchens and homes, have you seen Lucy King's fantastic retro kitchen over at "You Will Always Find Me". It's full of beautiful vintage china, great enamelware, and *snap*, Lucy also has a Kitchen Owl carefully watching over her favorite teas!


  1. Liz!!! You're fabulous! Thanks so much for the great post. LOVE 'Valentine'!

  2. Your welcome Robyn!
    Happy to report Valentine found a home on Saturday...woo hoo


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