Friday, August 26, 2011

When I Grow Up

It's all about life and career choices at our place at the moment. My big girl Lily is doing VCE and has been looking at tertiary courses and subject pathways. Very overwhelming when you are just a teen. And a parent of a teen.
While visiting one institution's open day I accidentally wandered into the Visual Merchandising department and got totally inspired. I nearly signed up on the spot.
But later I thought, I don't need to spend two years studying to do what I want to do. I should just go and do it. Easier said than done I suppose, but in my opinion, skills learnt in the industry are a hundred times more valuable than any learnt in the classroom.
Window displays
And if you need a bit of inspiration go and read the fantastic interview with designer and visual merchandiser Amanda Henderson on The Design Files today. She has shared some real pearls of wisdom. And even though we sometimes take store window displays for granted, or even if they are a wee bit controversial (Sportsgirl 's Make Do and Mend campaign earlier this year?) , you have got to be inspired when they are as spectacular as Gloss's creations.


  1. Hi Betty Jo ,
    Thanks so much for showing our work on your blog. Its true , you can do so much VM just by 'doing'! keep it up....
    Ps I also love vintage tea towels and have kept a few kitchen things from my mum and Granny. I love your main blog pic, i just keep staring at it your kitchen looks so happy ,
    Thanks heaps


  2. My pleasure Amanda,
    If ever you need a pair of hands to mix wallpaper paste or cut up polystyrene I'm your girl!!!


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