Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Small World

Since taking the photos of the beach plastic I picked up on Sorrento and Portsea back beaches, I've had a look around for other artists who took their beach scavenging to another level.Plastic found by Richard and Judith Selby Lang on Kehoe Beach.Beach family by Virginhoney.Beach necklace by Becky Crawford.
While browsing in my favorite Sorrento bookshop "Antipodes" last Saturday I picked up the exhibition catalogue of the Rosalie Gascoigne retrospective I went to earlier this year. This was so inspiring, I've never stopped thinking about it. So now I have the beautiful glossy publication to keep me inspired.Maze by Rosalie Gascoigne (linoleum on road signs)


  1. This is another type of small-world story for you. I went to Sewjourn last weekend and wore Orphan-No-More Birdie every day. I walked into the local bookstore and found myself staring straight at your big owl clock. I clapped my hands and started laughing and jumping up and down with glee.

    Thought you'd like to know where Birdie is flying these days, hehehe.

  2. Hi Eleanor,
    I've heard about this owl clock you speak of...in a bookshop no less. Sounds a good match.
    Jumping, clapping and laughing with glee in said bookshop is priceless!
    And I'm glad birdie is hangin' in there!


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