Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I occurred to me yesterday I've got a lot to be thankful for!
After badly spraining my thumb, I've got most of the use of my left hand again. That was an eye opener.
It was near impossible to make things, drive, type, and getting dressed..blimey.
When I first started blogging I was asked to list seven things about me.
This was from thing no.3 "I have to be able to feel and touch things (even if it is messy ink or dirt). Although my nails would make a manicurist shudder, my hands are my tools and I'm glad they work well." amen!
I'm sheepishly thankful my cold is better too, but not crowing about it too loudly as I gave it to Mr BJ. (this is where you see the difference between a girl cold and a boy cold..mmm).
There was good(ish) news from my Mums surgeon. He's sure he's removed all the baddies, and Mum has bounced back remarkably! She has voted no to further treatment, which displays amazing belief in the power of positive thinking.
I have heaps of other things to be thankful about too. My family for example.But I'll talk about that another day.
Orange Owl
So a big thank you to every ones kind wishes, and I'm absolutely loving the names for orange Owlie . There would be quite a few people who may already own a Betty Jo owl, but don't let that stop you from entering the GIVEAWAY. I'm sure you know someone who would like one as a GIFT!
Still on the topic of orange, Galleries is a new feature on Flickr that enables the curation of other members public photos.
More Orange!!!
My orange ceramics were added to this collection. It's "dripping with juicy orange wonderfulness."


  1. Thank goodness your mum has gotten rid of the baddies. That's fabulous news indeed.
    I've been trying so hard not to enter giveaways, but you know I loooooooove orange, and I looooooove your brooches. Would it be very greedy of me to enter anyway?

  2. So glad to hear your mum's getting better...
    and thanks for the gallery info...I had no idea it was up and running....
    Hmmmm you have just filled in my night!!!

  3. Oh that is such great news about your mum Liz!!!
    And sorry to hear abt your thumb - ouch! That wld have hurt.
    As always, loving your orangeness :)


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