Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mug Shots!

It's time for our annual hard rubbish collection. I spent yesterday morning with Mr BJ lugging all our unwanted stuff onto the nature strip (mainly my curbside finds that didn't quite live up to expectations!)
The neighbours chuck on a few items as well, and just as it got dark I noticed a box added to the pile, full of unwanted kitchen items.
Amongst other bits of old crockery were four coloured mugs.

These are a particularly good score as I have the original yellow mug from my Mum's set . I drank many milo's as a girl from these mugs.
Along time ago I blogged about it. One lonely yellow mug with out any mates!
Now the set is complete.Well maybe not completely. I think it was a set of six.
But close enough I reckon! And to think if I hadn't checked the box it would have all been munched up in the rubbish truck this morning.The mugs used to live in my neighbour's cool retro kitchen (note the original lino).
Her house is up for auction in a few weeks.My cat Pedro and I will miss Robyn.(Pedro spends alot of time hanging out in Robyn's kitchen with her cat Tiger).
There's obviously more than one vintage lino fancier in our family!
*There's a new feature on Find, Make Do today. Lovely kids goodies from Melbourne label "Twiglet". And don't forget the Little Golden Book Journal GIVEAWAY!


  1. Hard Rubbish is a bit of a revolving door in our house too!
    I wonder if when you neighbors sell, the new owners might be of the renovating sort? I wonder if that lovely lino is not destined for a skip in the near future?

  2. I'm keeping my lino radar finely tuned. If there's a reno in the wind, I'm there!

  3. What a great find ... just need to keep an eye out for one more to make 6

  4. WOW, love the retro kitchen! Amazing!


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