Monday, September 20, 2010

"Rescue Me"

I rescued a very bruised and battered Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone the other day, just like this guy on etsy.
I can imagine there are thousands of these old gems lying fogotten at the bottom of toyboxes all around the globe.
I would very much like to "rescue" some more vintage wooden pull-along/push-along Fisher-Price toys so they could keep my Ducky Flip Flap company.
1. froggy went a courtin'..., 2. fisher-price bucky burro ,
3. fisher-price dr. doodle 4. Ducky Flip Flap
Have you ever found a toy from your childhood at a garage sale or opshop? I wasn't lucky enough to have a Mother who kept my old toys (but I know some people's mums were hoarders, not clear-outers! ), so I have rescued a few memories from my childhood over the years.........
Grouchy Knitting Nancy
Crissy Doll, Knitting Nancy, Mr, Potatohead and Cookie Cucumber.
When I was young , I didn't have an over abundance of toys like kids do today, so my toys were played with over and over again. And the out grown ones were gathered up periodically by my Mum and sent to the op-shop, so nothing remains (except my sisters Cabbage Patch doll in all it's ugly glory!).
Trouble is, I'm doing the same thing. I guess I should be more of a hoarder and keep some valuable memories for my kids in years to come.


  1. My knitting nancy is exactly the same... although much worse for wear. I've had it since I was little.

  2. My mum kept all our super fabulous Fisher Price sets, but i wasn't the first to have her grandchildren, so missed out. I did score my eldest brother's wooden horse with red wheels, i don't even want to get it done up, i love that it's knocked & unshiney now. I'm keeping the good things, for my grandchildren to play with at MY house like blackmail. Love Posie

  3. that fisher price telephone was a character in the latest toy story flick, did you see it? i suspect that movie was more for adults than kids!
    hope it doesn't have lead in the paint though (it's something you have to be careful about with vintage toys)

  4. I love vintage toys and have to stop myself from actively collecting them...hmmm I do have a pushbike and pedal car on top of my kitchen cupboards though.

  5. I had a Chrissy doll when I was little. I didn't know what happened to her so I bought one off Ebat a few years ago, now my kids are getting a kick out of playing with her

  6. Hey Myf,I heard Fisher Price had to have a recall of lead based paint toys a while ago. I won't be licking my old phone any time soon. I think Target in the US has re-released the old school Chatter Telephone to coincide with Toy Story (which I loved by the way!)


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